Meal Plans

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Your dining experience is an important part of campus life even if you don't live on campus. We want you to make the most it. Whether you're indulging before a big exam, eating your daily dinner, or grabbing a quick cup of coffee on your way to class, we have what you need!

Unlike cash and credit purchases, all meal plans and Dining Dollars are tax exempt. Be sure to check out the self-check out kiosk that accepts Dining Dollars and Cougar Cash at Crash's Market.

Dining Dollars

Dining Dollars may be used at any dining location on campus that includes Panda Express, Starbucks, Qdoba, Cougar's Café, Crash's Market, Hilltop Bistro Grille, Get Fresh, and Campus Way Café.

Purchase a Meal Plan

To purchase a meal plan click here. If you have more questions regarding meal plans call (760)750-4700 or email


All students who live in the North Commons participate in the university meal plan. Students are provided with choices of a number of meals they can eat each week at Campus Way Café. Included in each meal plan are Dining Dollars that are accepted at any dining location on campus (Panda Express, Starbucks, Qdoba, Crash's Café, Crash's Market, Get Fresh, Hilltop Bistro Grille, and Campus Way Café). Changes can be made to meal plans during the first two weeks of each semester on the student's account. *For fee information and questions, please email or call (760)750-4700 for current terms and conditions.

Cougar Blue Plan
19 Meals per Week with $75 Dining Dollars

Tukwut Plan
15 Meals per Week with $400 Dining Dollars

Paw Plan
12 Meal per Week with $625 Dining Dollars

Flex Plan
9 Meal per Week with $175 Dining Dollars

Commuter Meal Plans are great for students who live at The Quad, University Village Apartments, off campus, faculty, and staff. Any remaining meal in the semester-long meal plan will pour into the spring semester. Semester-long meal plans do not roll over from spring to fall semester. Dining Dollars will also roll over to the spring semester. Up to $100 of Dining Dollars can roll over from the spring to fall semester. 

Social Plan
50 Meals with $450 Dining Dollars

Deluxe Plan
30 Meals with $165 Dining Dollars

Select Plan
20 Meals with $125 Dining Dollars